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Posted in Essays by dionrabouin on January 10, 2009

I don’t really hate anything or anyone and I’m beginning to think that perhaps that’s a problem. Sure, they say all you need is love, but on the flip side of that maybe all you need is hate. Surmise to say, to balance ourselves as human beings perhaps we need both. Maybe love and hate are the yin and yang that feng shui our psyche, yet we don’t realize just how much we need the hate side of the coin because there’s so much stress on love.

Think about it, how many songs are there about real, unadulterated hatred? Sure the word gets thrown around a lot, but how many people can any one of us think of that we really truly hate? Maybe it’s that uninhibited vitriol that can really only manifest itself in thoughts that so many of us are so sorely lacking. Maybe if there was more hate in the world it would be a better place.

The hate I’m talking about is that sickening kind of enmity that makes you start whispering to yourself when that person walks into the room. I’m talking about the kind of hate that you wake up thinking about; the kind of hate that can ruin your day. I’m talking about the kind of hate that makes you feel genuinely overjoyed when something bad happens to that special someone whom you just despise.

Hate is like the fat to protein in our diets, the sugar and salt that nutritionists tell us is bad for our health, but if absent would kill us. Maybe hate is that special little ingredient to our lives that can make them truly complete. Of course we need love, that goes with out saying, but is it possible that maybe, just maybe we need hate too. Is it really that unfounded that an honest, brooding hatred for another human being can save us and keep us sane?

Everyone’s so quick to try and fix you up with someone that you maybe you can love someday, but what about finding someone to hate. Maybe our friends and loved ones, when our lives aren’t going quite the way we thought they might, should fix us up with a person who we can find absolutely no good in.
Sure I hate Bobby Bowden and waiting and the cable company. I hate fat people who complain about being fat and stupid people who refuse to accept that I’m smarter than they are. I hate art that isn’t art and artists who aren’t really talented. I hate the wind and girls with too much self-confidence. I hate melodrama, my allergies and music made for the sole purpose of selling records. But I hate all these things in an abstract sense. None of these things are a tangible hatred; none of them exist as a fixture that can hate me right back, and perhaps that has left me at a loss as a man.

There are so many people in my life that I love. I love myself and my family and my friends and in that same abstract sense I love girls with nice legs, the smell of rain, the weekend, great writing, stand-up comedy and a host of other things that are far too abundant to even attempt to enumerate. But contrary to my hate, there are people I can look to that I love unequivocally, unconditionally and with everything I have and perhaps, maybe, that has left me imbalanced, impaired and imperfect.

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