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Will everyone please stop ripping off Madonaa

Posted in Opinion by dionrabouin on May 14, 2010

I expected this shit from Lady Gaga, she has no actual talent and is hanging onto her fame by any gimmick necessary, but not from you Christina. It’s always sad when people who are actually talented throw in the towel on any sort of musical integrity and hold onto the latest musical craze for dear life. The latest victim is the fair Ms. Aguilera and her blatant rip off of Madonna’s…well, everything. The video below is Xtina’s new single “Not Myself Tonight.”

I don’t know if she could make it any more obvious that she’s ripping-off of Madonna’s “Human Nature” and “Justify My Love” videos. It’s as if we’ve all forgotten that Madonna even existed. The music coming out these days is awful enough, do we really need to make it worse by just re-creating music videos from 20 years ago too?

Here’s the “Human Nature” video.

And here’s the “Justify My Love” video.

Notice any similarities? And what’s really pathetic is how blatant it all is. Five years ago when Justin Timberlake made a note-for-note remake of Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking album, “Off the Wall” and called it “Justified,” I cringed a little, but it never really bothered me because Justin was always just a vacuous corporate vehicle who never even put on a guise of musical integrity or honesty. This is truly sad because Xtina is an actual musical talent who at one point in her career seemed to actually give a damn.

Oh well. I guess that’s what this pathetic, tasteless musical generation deserves. I’m sure no one even realizes what’s happening. God, I hate my generation.


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