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Dear Chris Paul

Posted in Sports by dionrabouin on April 26, 2011

Dear Chris Paul,
It overwhelms me with sadness that no one will ever remember how amazing you were in the 2011 NBA Playoffs. I cannot put into words how spectacular you have been this postseason. Your performances in game one of your first round series with the Los Angeles Lakers and game four were the first and second best point guard performances I have ever witnessed. Ever.

I’ve watched ESPN Classic games with Isiah Thomas and Magic Johnson and even given your assumed athletic superiority with the nature of the game today, your performance in those two games was better than either player ever delivered. Your performance in game one – 33 points and 14 assists – was so impressive not because of what you did, but because of how you did it. It should be available at basketball libraries on-demand and played at summer basketball camps for young hoopers for eternity.

Your shooting guard is Marco Bellinelli, a man who couldn’t shoot his way out of a paper bag with a shotgun. The man is averaging 6.5 points, one rebound and half an assist for the playoffs. The arena you play in has Italian flags that they run down the floor when he scores. He’s been so awful that the flags have frayed and been retired for lack of use. His shooting lines from the first three games: 1-4, 1-7 and 0-3.

Your center is Emeka Okafor, who is averaging 29 minutes a game because he can’t stop hacking. He is giving way to Aaron Gray, who I’m convinced is the worst player in the NBA. The man is a bonafide scrub. He can’t run, can’t jump, certainly can’t shoot, can’t play defense, can’t catch passes that you throw to him under the basket and on the rare occasion that he does catch the ball he misses the layup. The worst part of it is he doesn’t even look athletic. The man wouldn’t get minutes in a D-League game, but here he is playing major minutes in the playoffs for your team.

The teammates that are playing well are Trevor Ariza and Carl Landry. That’s right, the second best player on your team is Trevor Ariza who is averaging 14.8 points per game. Your other best player is Carl Landry. Carl Landry!

Add to this you’re playing a Lakers team with two All-Stars, the NBA’s sixth man of the year, a former Defensive Player of the Year, two players with five championship rings and the best young center in the game. Not to mention that Kobe guy – the fourth best player in the history of the NBA – who you have completely outplayed in every game of the series thus far. It’s amazing. He tried guarding you in game two and, even though he won, decided: “I want no part of this a-ny-more.”

Your 27 point, 15 assist, 13 rebound performance in game four was masterful as well. I remember vividly earlier this season positing that perhaps Derron Williams or Derrick Rose had supplanted you as the best point guard in the league and for that I am supremely sorry. There is no one – NO ONE! – who even compares to you. (I will sing Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares to You” from the hilltops if you wish.) The way you control the game on offense, pick your shots, set up defenders and line up shots for teammates has been nothing short of sensational. Just look at the numbers you put up against a great defensive team with absolutely no help.

No, Isaiah never did anything like this. Then again, he never had to. You, sir, are a vision and it is positively odious that this playoff series will almost certainly be forgotten once the Lakers come to their senses and put an end to this foolishness. Few point guards in the history of the league could have won a single game against the Lakers with the teammates you have; you’ve won two. Kudos to you.

While I’m sure you’ll never read this, I want to take this opportunity to say you are amazing. Simply amazing.


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