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Party like it’s Carmageddon

Posted in Features by dionrabouin on July 19, 2011

(written for The Cruiser Community)

It’s probably a good thing that all of Los Angeles was legally banned from driving this weekend by Mayor Villaraigosa and LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, because there was entirely too much cheap alcohol to be consumed on the Westside. And the fact that Carmageddon actually meant the roads were completely open and great for driving was great too. But the free public transportation was probably the best part.

The weekend started off at one of my favorite places, Wokacano, for the “official” Car-mageddon kick-off party. Festivities got cracking at 5 p.m. and Wokcano had some great car-themed drink specials including $3.00 “Flat Tire” Beers, $5.00 “Traffic Jam” Shots and $7.00 “Car” Jack & Cokes. Guests came decked out in car themes like the girls above.

Admission was free until 9PM and $5 after, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the GO-Campaign, a local charity benefiting vulnerable children across the world. That wasn’t really a big factor for me, as I showed up at 4:30.

The party didn’t stop on Friday, though. Throughout the weekend there were specials all over the Westside designed to incapacitate and immobilize drivers. Irish car bombs and Cadillac margaritas were $5 at Harvelle’s. Domestic bottled beers were $3, and well drinks and wings were $5 at O’Brien’s. Gridlock shots, “Road Ragers” and Bud “STOP” Lights went for $3 at South. Car bombs were also just $5 at Barney’s Beanery on the Promenade. This is where the whole free public transit thing was really helpful to some of us.

“Planking” on the 405

Cheap drinks, free buses and clear roads…can we have Carmageddon every year?

About that whole 10-hour gridlock thing…


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