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Women go topless, men approve

Posted in Features by dionrabouin on August 22, 2011

VENICE — Nearly 100 “protesters” caused quite a commotion on the Venice boardwalk Sunday afternoon as they marched for the right for women to go topless at the beach.

(written for The Cruiser Community)

The scene was particularly attractive to Venice revelers because, while no one was actually topless (including the men who wore ostentatious red bikinis because “either we can all be topless or no one can,” according to GoTopless.org), there were quite a few women with very little in the way of clothing. Many of the women opted for either red tape fashioned as ‘X’s over their nipples or silicone nipple covers that look like the real thing, but aren’t. You can see video from the parade here, here, here, here and here.

It was the fourth year the protest has been held at Venice Beach and participants chanted things like, “Free your boobies, free your mind!” It has quickly become a nationwide phenomenon, with events around the country.

While one might expect a cavalcade of women who make men want to keep the topless inequality intact from such an event, Sunday’s march had a plethora of attractive and fit young ladies. A number of men on the boardwalk took the opportunity to let them know just how attractive they were by shouting “complimentary” things as they walked by. The women took it in stride and continued their march to Winward Square where many of the group’s members spoke over a loudspeaker to the crowd that had assembled.

In the interest of honest and full disclosure we should point out that the parade was sponsored by a group known as the Raelians that some might consider a cult. They believe that aliens genetically engineered human beings and a few other semi-nutty things. That said, is there really any reason women shouldn’t be allowed to be topless at the beach? I’m all for equal chest rights, even if it takes a group of crazy people to suggest it.


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