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Leaving Los Angeles…parting is such sweet sorrow

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 at 3:46pm

Since I know I’ll forget the next time someone asks me, here is what I’ll miss most about LA and the reasons I’m so glad to get away from it.

What I’ll miss…

Patron — I love this stuff. It is my drink, there’s seriously nothing in the world better than a Tequila Sunrise made with Patron. I’ve been drinking Patron like it was water just about every weekend since I’ve been out here. Unfortunately while I was out in LA it was always free and when it’s not free it is completely out of my price range. Much as I love it I’m not paying 50 dollars for a .750. *Sigh*

Celebrity sightings — Seeing Lil Jon and D Bo at In-n-Out, seeing Michael Clarke Duncan on Highland, seeing Ellen driving on the 101. The best I can hope 4 in Denver is a Bronco or something.

West Hollywood clubs — Such a good time, some of the best DJs with some of the finest women, gettin drunk for free it doesn’t really get much better.

The weather — In February it was 60 and people were complaining. I love my winter, but u can’t beat that.

The girls — There’s just something about LA girls.

Partying with stars — It’s nice to be able to ask Tony Kanal whether there’s another No Doubt album coming out or ask Big Tigger if he’s ever gonna come back to BET or ask Mischa Barton why she dyed her hair blonde…etc. I hate second hand information.

Being VIP — There’s some sick satisfaction that comes from walking by a long-ass line of people who’ve been waiting forever and just strolling inside.

The fact that there’s always something to do — No matter what night, what time, what you’re into if u want to u can find something fun, or at least something.

Bentleys and Rolls Royces — So many…The Phantom is cold. Honestly, if you’ve only got a Benz or a Lexus you’re not realy doin anything out here.

Big Boy’s Neighborhood and Steve Harvey in the Morning — Kept me laughing on the way 2 work.

El Pollo Loco — The dollar menu and the song, “EL POLLO LOCO!!”

Partying with porn stars — It’s just fun.

Driving through Hollywood — Sometimes when I was on Santa Monica I’d just smile.

In-n-Out Burger — Double single, animal style with both type of onions. Nothing beats it.

Going to premieres — Not only did I see Mary J. Bilge like 5 times this year, but this is the only way I get 2 see movies since I’m not paying $10.

Bluetiful World — Great song, it’s by some local artist and I don’t feel like buying the CD. Got a lot of play on 106. I think it sums up my LA experience.

The ArcLight and Mann’s Chinese — Theatres were huge and always free popcorn and drinks.

Tonight Show, et al. — When there’s nothing 2 do, why not go see a show? Entertaining and free.

The Oakwoods — As much as I bitch about the price, I’m gonna miss the pool, the hot tub, the sorry excuse for a weight room and all the people I met in all those places. The Oakwoods are the best.

Trader Joe’s — This place is the truth. Two legit burritos for $2.50, does it get any better? Everything’s natural, good for you and cheap. Trader Joe is my nigga.

Working at Pendleton — As much shit as I give Jon and Holly, they were great to work with. And $7.50 an hour to do homework, watch episodes of The Boondocks or DVDs isn’t too bad.

Working at The Hollywood Reporter — I get to do what I love and meet important and interesting people all at the same time. It doesn’t get much better. This also made all the previous things I miss possible.

What I won’t miss…

LA Radio — Isn’t LA supposed to have amazing radio stations? These radio stations were wack as hell. I guess radio in general just sucks. It was almost as bad as KSWack07.5

The girls — Every girl in Hollywood has an attitude. They all think they’re really important and they all know they can do better than you.

Driving — Anything that involves me getting into a car really. You can’t park anywhere for free, the public transportation system is a joke and will get you nowhere, it takes half an hour to get anywhere, the highways are always packed, the streets are always packed, these people are retarded and cannot drive. Everyone in LA should seriously have their drivers licesnses revoked; paying $40 to fill up my 10 gallon gas tank.

LA Bars — I think bars in general just suck, everyone talked these bars up so much and they really aren’t that fun. Saddle Ranch was a good time though, but only because of the mechanical bull, and I can do that at home without paying $15 for a drink

Prices — Everything in this city is unbelievably expensive, everything. I don’t even wanna get into it.

People in LA — Everyone’s got this misplaced sense of self importance. EVERYONE thinks they’re amazing for no reason at all.

Gay men that hit on me in Hollywood — If I get hit on at a club one more time…it wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so damn creepy about it.

Oakland Raiders fans — Although they were few and far between this year.

LA’s Chiptle — This place is sacrilege and should be torn down on principle alone.

The Oakwoods — waking up sore every morning because my mattress is a piece of crap wasn’t so fun; 12 year old actresses, who look 18 until u get close to em; 15 year old actresses who look 21 until you hear from someone else that they’re 15 and it scares the crap out of you; 8 year old actresses who have attitudes and ruin your time at the hot tub.

Strip Clubs — Mostly because I never got to go to one.


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