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Things that bother me

Things that bother me
Friday, February 16, 2007 at 3:55pm
After dealing with a bunch of, what turned out to be, pot-smoking hippies last night I decided to detail all the things in this world that just make me want to slap somebody. Maybe this will be cathartic or something because I’m really at my wits end.

LA drivers – I really don’t know who taught these people how to drive or what they’ve learned on the freeway, but no one in this God damned city can drive. Half of them can’t merge and the half that can, can’t do it properly. Any time it rains these people lose their collective minds (rain tires, RAIN FUCKING TIRES, it’s in the name, they can drive in the rain) and lastly, I’ve never seen a group of people that ride their brakes harder. I really can’t believe accidents even happen in this city because everyone is on their brake all the time.

Hippy music – This is the one thing I really can’t stand about hippies. We’ll all be sitting around listening to Snoop or Rage or anything (I can listen to rock, country, rap, reggae, just about any form of music) and then all of a sudden one of these hippies brings up the Grateful Dead or Phish or some other substance-dependent group of illiterate musicians that can’t play their instruments correctly so they get really high and play the same song for 38 minutes, and all of a sudden we’ve gotta listen to this drivel for the rest of the night. What I hate even more than listening to these “jam bands” is hearing people talk about them.
“Hey bro, do you have that Dead from Red Rocks ’74?”
“Ah yeah, man.”
“Yeah man, that show was sick.”
“Yeah bro, that was one of my favorites. The only one I like better is the set from DC in ’71”
“Oh yeah, that was a fucking awesome show, bro”
And on and on and on and on and on. I can tolerate these groups for a good 20 minutes and then my inherent need for rhythm and actual musical talent makes it impossible to bear.

Liars – I hate people that lie. Just tell the truth. I don’t lie, I bullshit. The difference between a liar and a bullshitter is that a bullshitter will eventually tell you he’s bullshitting, whereas a liar is lying to save their ass and will keep coming up with more lies to hide their lie. I really wish people could be honest.

Racists – But not all racists, just the undercover racists that like to pretend they’re not racist. I read this quote by Tim Hardaway yesterday, saying how much he hated gay people and everyone got their panties all in a bunch. If Tim Hardaway hates gay people he should feel free to say he hates gay people. And Michael Richards should feel free to say he hates black people and Tom Tancredo should be free to say he hates Mexicans. When the public gets angry at someone for voicing their displeasure with a group of people and demands an apology it’s ridiculous because the person isn’t actually sorry, they just want to make sure they don’t lose any money. I wish all these racist people would just come on out and be racist to my face because I know they’re racist and it’s annoying that we all have to pretend they’re not. Like my friends in Fort Worth, they’re all racist pieces of shit and proud of it and we get along a lot better when they don’t have to hide that pretext. I have no problem with racists, because typically it’s not their fault they’re racist. Racism is a disease of the mind that you get from grwing up around other racists. I just really can’t stand ignorant people who say ignorant things and then try to justify it because they’re not really racist.

Fat people that make excuses for being fat – If you call yourself something other than fat, if you’ve ever uttered the phrase “diets just don’t work for me,” if you blame your “slow” metabolism, if you claim to be on a diet but eat fast food, if you’ve ever complained about how nothing fits you while holding and/or continuing to eat food of any sort or if you’ve ever complained about how nothing fits/looks good on you and you hate yourself and still not bothered to go work out, if you buy things that say low-fat on the box and don’t bother to read the nutrition facts, if you claim to be on a diet or trying to lose wait and you snack (on anything), if you’ve ever claimed there’snot enough time to work out, if any of these things apply to you I’m talking to you. You’re fat, it’s your own fault and nobody elses, get over it. If you’re fat and you enjoy being fat and you don’t care what other people think, then props to you and stay fat and proud.


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