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Obama/Biden vs. McCain/Palin

Friday, August 29, 2008 at 10:26am

John McCain continues to surprise me.

I’ve been saying for months that he was going to go with Romney.

He had to go with Romney.

Conservatives are pissed off enough with McCain — resident right-wing whack job Ann Coulter even said she’d rather vote for Hillary Clinton than him — that he needed a staunch conservative VP to shore up his conservative credentials. McCain has apparently decided that conservatives are going to suck it up and vote just to keep Barack’s black ass out of office. It’s a ballsy call.

McCain has gone completely in the opposite direction of where everyone thought he would and I’m sure the folks at Fox (O’Reily, Hannity, et. al) are not going to be pleased. The other thing McCain needs to worry about is Bob Barr. Barr is running as a libertarian and he actually has a decent following. The way Gore pissed off the far-left in 2000 and John Kerry did in 2004, McCain is going to piss off the far-right in 2008 by picking Palin. And he’d better hope the neo-cons don’t go to Barr the way liberals flocked to Nader.

The conservatives already were a little shaky on the Mac and now he’s basically spitting in their faces with his VP choice and banking on bringing enough Hillary supporters over to get the win.

Obama went with the safe choice for VP (something he’s been doing a lot of lately) when he picked Biden. Biden has all the foreign policy experience Obama doesn’t and the record of service that Obama doesn’t. Unfortunately that makes Obama a much more likely sniper target, because I think the good ol’ boys in Alabama would sleep a lot easier with Biden in charge than if he’d gone with Jesse Jackson or something.

Sarah Palin has been a governor(of Alaska, no less) for two years and before that she was the mayor of a city with 6500 people. So much for having the experience to lead. You can say a lot of things about McCain’s choice for VP, but one thing it is not is boring. He’s basically showing that he knows the arch conservatives will come out and vote for him come hell or high water.

Like it or not, McCain has put his faith — and his candidacy — in the hands of America’s racism. This choice says that McCain believes so strongly in people’s desire NOT to see a black man as the president that they’ll vote for him no matter who he has as his VP.

On the flip side, he’s blatantly courting women who feel scorned by the democratic party because Hillary didn’t get the nomination. He’s trying to bring in those rich, old, white women with an innate sense of entitlement that aren’t quite ready to cast that vote for Obama once they’re all alone in a voting booth with just themselves and a ballot.

You’ve got to hand it to him, the man is making a serious gamble. McCain put his cards on the table and challenged America to step up and show its true colors and for that you’ve got to applaud the man. This race, without question, will show our nation’s true colors.

He’s put the good ol boys in the grand ol party in quite a predicament. A vote for McCain could mean some little lady (and I must admit, I would give Sarah Palin the business. Hotest politician at this level EVER) is going to be the president. What will they do? What will they do?

McCain knows what he’s doing. If Hillary or Edwards or Biden had been the nominee, there’s no way he would’ve made this choice. But McCain’s smart enough to know that no one from the far right is going to cross sides and vote for Obama, let’s be serious. McCain’s biggest worry right now should be Bob Barr — who will be actively pursuing racists, biggots and wealthy white men who are pissed off about affirmative action — because he’ll get some votes.

The question McCain is asking is how strongly do you feel? The next two months will be full of scare tactics making sure the country is as scared of big, black Barack Hussein Obama as humanly possible. But John McCain is just gonna lay back and say, “Go ahead, let a black man become your president. I dare ya.”

Props to McCain. You’ve got fuckin balls.


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