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Big Dion’s football predictions

Big Dion’s football predictions
Saturday, August 30, 2008 at 8:37pm

I know you’ve all been waiting in suspense to see who I pick to win it all in NFL and college football. Well, the wait is finally over. And when I’m right, I can say I told you so and I’ll have evidence.

Let’s start with college:
The National Championship Game — Florida Gators vs. USC Trojans

Call me a homer all you want to, but Florida will have, by far, the best offense in the nation and if the defense plays as well as they did today against Hawaii for the rest of the season the Gators will roll over everyone like the 95 Huskers did (I mention the 95 Huskers for a reason, lets leave it at that).

USC is too good and too hungry for a National Championship not to be back. They’re as under the radar as they’ve been in recent memory and the Pac-10 is as weak as its been in years. Yes Oregon, Cal and UCLA should be decent this year, but there still isn’t another good team in the conference. There’s certainly not another team that can come close to matching SC and without all the spotlight on them, USC should be able to pull it out.

Conference winners:
ACC – Ummmmm…Va. Tech. Why not? This conference full of lovable losers has to have someone step up and win it, right? They’ll get destroyed by an at large team from the SEC, let’s say Georgia.
Big 12 – Colorado. No, I’m kidding. Texas. With Colt McCoy back in the saddle and completely out of Vince Young’s shadow, I think they can beat Oklahoma and recapture the conference. Big 12 Championship Game UT v. Mizzou should be a good one
Big East – West Virginia. It’s about time they did something right, right? Pat White is entirely too good.
Big 10 – Ohio State. Michigan will be terrible this year mucking around in the spread and Illinois is a joke. They’re gonna lose to SC on 9/13, but they’ll rebound and Ron Zook is the worst coach ever, so Illinois won’t do anything this year either.
C-USA – Um…Eastern Carolina. Yeah, Eastern Carolina.
Pac 10 – USC. I think my reasoning here is clear.
SEC – Florida. See above. Followed by Georgia, LSU, Alabama and Tennessee, all of which are better than any number two team from any other conference.

Heisman winner – Tim Tebow.
Again, call me biased if you like, but he did win it as a sophomore. He is returning with a better offensive team. He does have a coach who had the top recruiting class in the nation two years in a row, and recruited a tailback from USC, who is fourth on the depth chart at the moment. He’s also going to get less carries during the early parts of games in favor of 6’6 260 lb quarterback Cam Newton, so he won’t get worn down during the season. Unless he gets injured, I don’t really see anyone taking his spot.

Super Bowl — Dallas Cowboys vs. San Diego Chargers
Sorry Pats fans, you had your chance, you blew it, it won’t happen this year.

LT is primed and ready to lead his team to the promised land. Were it not for his injuries and injuries to Phillip Rivers last year the Chargers could have gotten it done against the Pats in the playoffs.

NFC East – Cowboys. Romo, TO, Marion Barber and the other 10 Pro-Bowlers from last year are all back. Add Zack Thomas, Felix Jones, Adam “Not Pacman” Jones and Roy Williams playing for a new contract. “Championship!”
NFC South – Panthers. Why? Because I’ve been saying it for the past three years and they haven’t done it, so why mess with tradition. Also, I have no faith, nor will I ever, in Jon Gruden.
NFC North – Tough one. I’m gonna go with Green Bay. Aaron Rogers has the young Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn looking over his shoulder to keep him from fucking up too badly and with Kyle Orton, Tarvaris Jackson and Jon Kitna as the other starting QBs in the conference it shouldn’t be that much of a stretch.
NFC West – Seattle. I was thinking about getting crazy and picking SF, but then they showed that Alex Smith is a complete scrub by benching him for JT O’Sullivan. So, Seattle.

AFC East – Patriots. C’mon. I think this conference could legitimately have another playoff team, though. The AFC Wild Card race will be a good one.
AFC South – Colts. C’mon. I like Jacksonville to beat them once this year, though.
AFC North – Steelers. Because when the conference seems wide open just pick the Steelers. Should be interesting, though
AFC West – Chargers. I think they’ll be neck-in-neck with the Broncos for the division, but will ultimately win out.

MVP – Ladanian Tomlinson. LT will have his best year ever and bring home the trophy again. No one has yet figured out how to stop this guy and with Phillip Rivers starting to really feel it as a QB, I don’t think anyone will. At least not this year. I’m predicting 1955 yards, 35 TDs — rushing and receiving — and two passing touchdowns. No, I’m not kidding.

Wild Card Teams: Denver, Miami (call me crazy), Washington and Minnesota.


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