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Michael Vick is not O.J.

Friday, July 27, 2007 at 11:29am
I’ve known for a long time that the people at PETA were attention craving lunatics but this whole Michael Vick thing has just increased my disdain for the organization exponentially. First of all, they’ve been protesting Vick, Nike, the NFL and the Falcons since before Vick was even indicted. I know we try our criminals in the press these days, but let’s at least feign some sort of respect for the idea of due process. And honestly, what are these people even protesting about? The man has already been suspended for training camp by the league and was almost suspended four games by the Falcons – which between you and me was a load of crap, there’s no way in hell the Falcons suspend their star quarterback and $13 million man for four games on a suspicion – and now he’s officially entered his not guilty plea in court.

I know the PETA people don’t like to do this, but let’s look at the facts of the case for one second. Number one, Vick is being charged with conspiracy to be involved in dogfighting, procuring and training pitbulls and conducting these affairs across state lines. None of those charges are dogfighting. Vick’s relatives have been charged with running a massive dogfighting ring, but PETA isn’t picketing them. The charges against Vick are that he owned a house that he let his family members live in – that’s right, he doesn’t even live in the house where the alleged dogfighting took place. So, basically the guy bought a house for his family and they used it to run a dogfighting ring and now he has to go to court to deal with it. Shouldn’t that be punishment enough?

Apparently not. Because Vick is famous, PETA has to come after him with gruesome pictures and tacky banners. The only reason they’re coming at him is because he’s a well-known player. I guarantee you if Chris Redman Atlanta’s third string quarterback who nobody’s ever heard of) had been accused of running a dogfight out of a house that he doesn’t live in, PETA wouldn’t be out protesting. These people are incorrigible, it couldn’t be any more obvious that they’re just looking to play on the nation’s heartstrings because we’re dealing with dogs and they know people who are generally apathetic to animal rights issues will jump on board when it comes to precious doggies.

Yes, dogfighting is cruel and inhumane and morally repugnant — which one must say in order to retain any sort of credibility on this issue – but is it really that serious? I mean, even if he is guilty – and I’d like to point out that he’d only be guilty of conspiracy for Christ sake – he’s already been suspended by the league, he’ll probably lose sponsorship deals, not because of PETA but because no one wants to do business with a felon, and p.s. he’ll be a convicted fucking felon, all for dogfighting. Isn’t that penalty enough? How about instead of trying to taint the public pool of opinion about the man, we just sit back and let the legal system take its course (Yes I realize that legal system is all kinds of fucked up, but that’s how this country works).

All of a sudden America is up in arms because a man fights dogs for sport. How about we get angry about our president pardoning a man convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice just because. Or how about we get angry about the dismissal of nine, count em nine, federal judges, again, just because. No, no, no, doing that would require us to actually read and learn the facts of the case, instead of just carrying picket signs with clever slogans like “Sack Vick.” I really wish I could’ve been in the PETA conference room when they came up with that one.

“Hmmm…Sally, we need to come up with something that stupid people with house pets will remember. Something that relates to football. What’s that thing, where the guy drops the ball and the other team gets it?”
“A fumble, Bob?”
“No, no Sally, that’s not it. It’s a verb. Whack, smack, crack…”
“That’s it. Sack Vick. We’ll get started on the signs immediately. Have the finger-painting unit take care of it. Maybe they can earn their $100,000 this year.”
Seriously, these people should be shot.

P.s. I’m only kidding, I’m not advocating the killing of anyone. I know facebook routs these notes to the federal government and I’d like to point out that I am not a terrorist. NOT a terrorist. Killing is bad.


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